About us

Since 2011 Agri Kulti has been developing and implementing R&D projects and business-based models in the sustainable agro-food domain. Our overall goal is to reconnect cities and rural areas by establishing a fully transparent link between the best small-scale Hungarian food producers and premium urban gastronomy.

We believe in original tastes and flavours, seasonality and high quality, healthy foods. We believe that total security and traceability are achievable in the food supply chain. Above all, we believe in the farmers: the countryside is capable of providing for itself and cities in a sustainable way, with high standards.




Psychologist, Environmental economist

One of the founders of the Budapest-based Szimpla. He has been working on bringing together the Rural and the Urban since 2010: he has launched farmers’ markets in the countryside and in the capital, has given lectures on sustainable rural development at university. He is co-owner of Házikó (launched in 2014), which channels local ingredients into the big city gastronomy using an unique combination of methods and values. The Házikó team received the Delfin award for its sustainable and innovative activitiy in 2016.



Biologist, ecologist

In the past ten years, he has co-worked with various nature conservation, cultural conservation and regional development organizations. With this background, he has an unique perspective of issues relating to sustainability and sustanable rural development. Currently an expert working for Agri Kulti, he provides insights from a theoretical point of view for Házikó. He is responsible for the development of the current quality assurance system concept..



He holds an MA in geography and environmental protection, is a qualified organic farmer. One of the co-founders of Agri Kulti, the main practical implementer and organizer of the Nagymaros Farmers’ Market and the Szimpla Farmers’ Market – and its engine between 2011-2014: all things down-to-earth and rational led to Mihály. Currently co-owner and managing director of Házikó.He has the most pragmatic experience concerning farmers, products and markets



Personality analyst, journalist

Spending her life in the media in the past two decades, she has written countless articles and worked as editor, riporter, journalist and spokesman. She also took part in HÁZIKÓ’s life as head of communications. Her main job is to educate and form opinion via social sites, newsletters and articles about sustainability, responsible farming and conscious eating.


Botond Bognár


The writer of Házikó Group’s applications and tenders, furthermore the leader of the preparation for the Szécsény project. He graduated form from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) from International Business. At the moment he is studying at the Corvinus University of Budapest (MSc).