Szimpla @Markthalle, Berlin

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Date: November 2012 Best of Szimpla Market moved to Kreuzberg, Berlin in November 2012 for a weekend, to show the proper use of a market hall (ein Markthalle): a genuine market with genuine producers. See the Video subtitled in German.  

Nagymaros farmers’ market

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Operating since 2011 video Founded in 2011 by Agri Kulti, Nagymaros Farmers’ Market is a forerunner of the new generation of Hungarian farmers’ markets. It has soon become the reference of many later markets and also a test site of the relevant legislation. Agri Kulti has been nurturing the project till 2013, when the operation…

Balassagyarmat Farmers’ Market

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Operating since 2014 Balassagyarmat Farmers’ Market was organized by the students and supervisors of the Sustainable Rural Development Course of ELTE Faculty of Human Ecology in 2014, as a result of a 3-year research project in the Balassagyarmat Micro Region (Nógrád County, N-Hungary) and the Slovak side of the river Ipoly/Ipel, in the Veľký Krtíš…

Szimpla farmers’ market

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Operating since 2012 Video Operating since 2012 in one of the World’s most famous bars in Budapest, the Sunday market in Szimpla represents a new level in linking city and countryside: effective demand could meet quality offer in a controlled and organized manner for the first time after a long period. Many of the farmers…

Tapolca Market

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Date: 2016-2017 Tapolca is one of the few Hungarian settlements that have genuine farmers’ market with great history. The aim of this one-year project was to enhance the attractiveness and community functions of the market for locals and visitors by introducing services and events related to local products, seasons and traditions, as well as healthy…