Kadarkút-Nagybajom Research

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The key objective of this 1-year research in the 2014 in the Kadarkút-Nagybajom Micro Region, (Somogy County, SW-Hungary) was to identify and map the agro-ecological and human resources in a LFA (Less Favored Area), with typically small villages, lacking an effective economic focus point. The research was carried out in cooperation with Agri Kulti and…

Balassagyarmat (HU) & Nagykürtös (SK) Research

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Date: 2012-2014 The main objective of this 3-year research project in the Balassagyarmat Micro Region (Nógrád County, N-Hungary) was to explore the agro-ecological conditions of the micro region and to map the social and economic relations and possible conflicts. Additionally, the project aimed to identify viable long-term proposals in the field of rural development. In…


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Date: 2016-2020 Despite their versatile use and benefits, legume-based systems have not been adopted in common farming practice, due largely to the fact that their potential profitability is questioned. Pulses only grow on 2-3 per cent of the arable land in the EU. That makes the EU highly dependent on imports of feed-legumes and fossil…